Thursday, September 22, 2011

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel, London

We had travelled on work. Conference was at this hotel and hence we had to stay here for the duration.

The hotel is quite close to the airport and there are quite a few free bus services to the hotel. 111, 245, 555 etc. However if you need to get into the city, then you need to take one of these buses to Terminal 3 and then catch the underground or Heathrow express to the city. It took an average of an hour and a half each way.

Rooms were decently sized. bathroom was also a decent size, but the bathtub that you have to climb into, to take a shower was quite high and could be difficult for people with stiff joints or aching legs. There was no handrail in our bathroom and we had to hold on to the shower apparatus to ensure we didn't slip. The flushing system in our room was terrible.

Breakfast was good and had a large spread with eggs to order and waffles, but room service was absoultely terrible. The day we first reached, it was too late to go anywhere. We ordered a medium rare steak - it came well done - too dry, no sauce, no seasoning. Couldn't even take 2 bites out of it. The thai green curry was a sticky mess. Who puts cornflour in thai curry?

This is a huge hotel and has plenty of people needing to use the 4 elevators. But the elevators are so slow. They take about a minute after reaching, for the doors to open on each floor.

Service staff is friendly and helpful. The concierge was very good about booking some tickets for us. They have a tie up with a taxi company if you need to use one.

You have to pay for internet access.

There is a starbucks on the premises which offers better coffee and lite bites, than the hotel restaurant. Water heater is provided in the room with provision for brewing tea or coffee.

There's a store at the gas station opposite from where you can buy crisps, juice, soda and water. (Bottled water in the hotel is very expensive).

If you have to stay here, I recommend a 5 minute walk to the 3 magpies next door for a much better quality meal.

This hotel is ok, if you need to be near the airport. We wouldn't stay here of our own choice.

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