Thursday, September 30, 2004

Konkan Coast

Recently Ive had a couple of friends wanting to visit Mangalore some from as far away as Switzerland who plan to do the Konkan coast.

Below is a series of disjointed thoughts, partly in question answer form or no answer following. so ignore the non-existent flow. This here is written for the sole purpose of telling people. "Look up my blog!"
Gives an itinerary of coastal Karnataka. Ask them to mail u complete details.

2) tree top accommodation near Bekal. Did you mean The Green Magic Nature Resort near Vythiri? If yes, do you know any similar tree house acc. somewhere between Mumbai and Cochin?, as the costs of the one in Vythiri is a bit above our budget, although I'd love to stay in this place. If there is no alternative we may anyway stay there.

These people offer some accomodation at Bekal. I don’t have their website, u will need to write to them and find out.
94470 10455
+91 4994 220 445 / 435 / 049
Near Bekal Fort.

We intend to travel as I mention before from Mumbai till Cochin, or if the time does not allow it (we have only 4 weeks), we will go back to Mumbai or Delhi from a town north of Cochin.
>I just visited Cochin. Other than the Fort Cochin area that can be
covered in a day, theres nothing much to c or do in the city. Its
beaches arent the type where u can laze on them for the most part. Also its an industrialised city so not really ideal for a lazy holiday. But when u go to Fort cochin to see the nets. Definitely visit Kashi art café for some excellent cakes and try the freshly caught and fried fish at the shacks around the nets if your stomach is willing.

As we dont have plenty of time, we would like to travel somehow mid-range in meaning of budget. Maybe some stretches with bus/train but also car with driver. We are not going to Goa, but having read and heard about Ganpatipule is a nice beach spot as well as north (as you mentioned) and south (Ullal beach) of Mangalore. Gokarna seems to me allready a traveller hangout with its good but maybe already also bad sides. More inland we are curious about Hampi and Mysore. Maybe you have us some tips/infos on similar typ of spots?

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